Class socks, a little fancy

For the sock class I am teaching I didn’t want to do the boring ol’ ribbing for 2″ then stockinette sport weight socks. So I bought some 6/0 beads last night in a teal color and used them to do this:

Keeping the front of the sock in 2×2 rib I decided to do the back with a simple 2 stitch twisted cable every 4th row with a bead. Clog sock heels really. From the front all boring & blah but on the back, wham! All kinds of busy-ness happening! At first I thought it was just too much but now I am really liking how crazy it all looks together. Only half an inch more on the legs then to the boring stockinette foot.

5 thoughts on “Class socks, a little fancy

  1. Oh my! There are so many amazing clog sock patterns out there that it’s a little mindblowing. I have found that I only wear my handknit socks now. Even with my tennies.


  2. Everytime I knit a new pair, Bud asks, half kidding, “are those for me?” (usually because they are most definitely girly). This Christmas he just may get a surprise….


  3. George is smart enough to ask ‘who’s that for?’ before ever expecting anything else for him! I did make him some socks in April for his birthday, he likes them but doesn’t wear them all that often ;o)


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