Blog update

I posted a bunch on our family blog yesterday. Go have a look & someone, for crap’s sake, please leave us a comment!

ps. Ali gets a pass because she already commented on all of yesterday’s posts! Rock on Ali, Rock on!


8 thoughts on “Blog update

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for updating the family site. I loved all the pictures and fun things you all have done lately. I guess I need to get a little busier… Maybe I should make a family blog too?


  2. Anonymous

    Why would you want another blog when you don’t post on the one you have?? much love to you sis, much love ;o)


  3. Anonymous

    Sure! I can send a prize, I love prizes…love them! I just never win them so to send you a prize would be lovely! ;o)


  4. Anonymous

    Well maybe we can send each other prizes!?! You always post faithfully to my blog as well & it’s so nice to get comments & know that people are out there!



  5. Anonymous

    Well hurry up then chickeepoo! We just got back from mailing out your prizes!!! hehehe

    it’s really prizes + a late birthday gift ;o)


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