Accidental first time out

Tracy & I met at BB’s this afternoon to check out what she’s got left in the shop before closing for good on Saturday. We shopped, had a nice time. Decided to meet at Starbucks before going over to Craft Essentials for beads. I park in the lot, get out & ‘zzzzziiiippp’, the zipper on my skirt totally breaks! Lucky me, I have the Unmentionables in the back (that I had totally forgotten in the pocket in my beach chair, I looked everywhere for them at the beach then at home & could not understand where they had gone, duh) of my car!

 Tada! A quick parking lot change & voila! Their first public showing!

Tracy said they were cute &  now, 5 hours later, I agree! They are comfy and keeping their shape nicely. That surprises me! They stay up well with just my ribbon holding them on.

As a matter of fact, after getting our beads at Craft Essentials, I stopped in at Payless Shoe Source, cuz it’s bogo time, and shoppped for a bit. Standing in an aisle perusing the goodness of shoes, a little girl looks at me and says, ‘ I love your shorts. I was telling my mom to look at them. I love them. I wish I had some.’ Me, in between her statements, thanking her profusely, I was ecstatic! Then she continued, ‘I wish I had those shorts, I love the ribbon, it’s stripey and pretty.’
It was her 6th birthday today, she was one happy little girl! Shoe shopping & adoring my shorts, she couldn’t have asked for more!

Oh & I got some of the cutest shoes, ever. period.


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