MS3 swatch

I redid my swatch for the mystery stole 3 and used all 5 bead colors I have to choose from.

Zephyr wool silk in Steel from Sarah’s Yarns on size 5 needles

from the bottom to the top the beads are:
2 rows of beads: 8/0 japanese burgundy irridescent from a local craft store (craft essentials)
1 row because I immediately did not like them: 8/0 matte black from beadwrangler #906
2 rows of beads: 8/0 grey copper lined from beadwrangler #915
2 rows of beads: 8/0 crystal copper lined from beadwrangler#207
2 rows of beads: 8/0 brown metallic from beadwrangler #803, these are the ones I chose to do the stole with.

I like how in the brown metallic mix there are different colors of irridescent beads that pop out in random order.

My second choice would have been the burgundy I think. But the brown metallic mix gives it a more neutral feel.

Friday we get started, mwaaahhaaahhaa, I can’t wait!


9 thoughts on “MS3 swatch

  1. Anonymous

    You know, either one of those look good. I do like the brown mix. I think the color of that yarn, I can’t remember if it’s the pewter or the steel. Steel I think. I am excited to get started on this stole!!


  2. Anonymous

    Chauntel, I also like the beads at the top as well, the two metalic ones, pewter and brassy colors. I love the garnet ones at the bottom, but not with the yarn you’ve chosen, it looks too cutesy or blue and redish or something. The black one doesn’t really show up at all, and the middle ones all look too pink to me. The beads at the top have the best contrast and work great with the yarn.
    Your yarn must be a little fatter than mine, or we knit with really different tensions, cause my swatch is on size 4s and it looks more airy, although, I haven’t blocked mine and I know it will bloom some. I’m not going to bother blocking, my bind off is way too tight anyway, and I can just tell that I like the amount of stitch definition I have and the YO’s are clear and big and pronounced.
    So, Friday’s coming soon! Thanks for enticing me to join in as well.


  3. Anonymous

    Thanks Rowan, I also love my bead choice and cannot wait for Fridays first clue! I do believe it’s going to be a fun knit, last year’s was!

    I defenitely do recommend blocking your swatch, even if it is just spraying it with water & laying it out flat to dry. You will see an immediate difference in the yarn. You may find you like the looseness of your sts or you may want to move down a needle size, we all knit differently!


  4. Anonymous

    Well thanks for your 2cents! It just re-affirms my choice. I like the mix of bead colors, all of the same family but different shades.


  5. Anonymous

    Hey girlfriend, fill me on on the idea behind the mystery stole. I know I don’t knit, but tell me how it works…please? Oh, and thanks for the ultimate jealousy from the beach pictures as I live here in Kansas where we might as well be at the beach because there is not an inch of dry land in sight and if the sun doesn’t come out soon and it doesn’t quit raining I am liable to engage in drastic action!!! Talk about cabin fever. We even had swim practice in the cold rain this morning. I think I was as wet as the kids by the time it was over… Love ya sis!


  6. Anonymous

    Okay, so the mystery stole works like this; the designer has designed & made the lace stole prior to release. She has given us the amount of yarn, yarn size & needle size, plus beads this round, that we will need. Starting Friday, the 29th, she will give out the first clue; 50 rows of charted pattern. Each Friday she will release a clue. Last year’s was 6 clues plus the edging. By the 5th clue she will release the name & theme for the design of the stole. Last year’s was Scheherazade, it was a beautiful persian design in lace. I hope that is a clear enough description ;o)


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