I’m done…I’m done…woohoo!
Wet & drying, I bring you the Unmentionables…

I do promise a shot of me wearing them even if I am not so pleased with the lumps & bumps my body exhibits.
On the beach shot, no less! If they are dry by the time I get there today. I have discovered the miracle of the beach, people. For the last 4 years, taking all 3 kids to the beach alone was doable but very, very difficult. This year, easy-peasy baby! I can read, knit, layout, even close my eyes & noone dies! It’s amazing! Here is a taste of our beach day yesterday;

This is Bacara Resort at our beach, Haskell’s beach, that is about 1/2 mile from our house. It’s a great beach, only rocky on that west end towards the resort, it is perfect sand all to the east, down the beach. If that confuses you, go check out a map of the Santa Barbara coast line & you’ll see that our beaches face South. We get to see the sunrise over the ocean & set over the ocean, it’s pretty frickin’ awesome!

You can see a building up on the ledge behind Sadie to the left, that is our snack shack/ bathrooms/ outdoor showers. Pretty darn handy!

That is my beach bag o’ tricks, with the Loopy Ewe in there- he’s supposed to be seen places so I can win stuff from the Loopy Ewe, I carry sunscreen, knitting, snacks, drinks, etc.

Overall our beach is a damn good place to keep us out of trouble (and from having to do tons of cleanup after the kids at home). Less housework=happy mom!



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  1. Anonymous

    I recently placed my first Loopy Ewe order and I got one of those cute postcards.. I haven’t figured out where I’m going to photograph it yet. The beach looks lovely!


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