Upon my arrival…

How great is it to come home to packages?? So Great!!!

I received 3 packages while gone camping & then 2 more today!

These are all Duet Sock Yarns; from left to right, Hot Flash, Chantilly Lace, Tiffany’s. All sport weight.
Hot Flash & Tiffany’s are from The Yarn Grove & Chantilly Lace is from The Loopy Ewe. Also from The Loopy Ewe was a hank of Minty yarn by The Knittery.

And the third package was a hank of Schaefer Anne yarn in color 191, from emtnestr on Ebay. Perfect service, as always!

And, I got my size 13/14 crochet hook for beading the Mystery Stole 3. And, I got my SIGG bottle that I ordered from here. I am in love with this bottle & all it’s other SIGG friends! They are beautiful, lightweight, don’t have condensation on the outside when filled with an icy beverage and are just plain great! If they didn’t cost so much I would purchase them for the kids too. I haven’t decided on that yet. It may well be worth the cost to have sturdy water bottles that last a long time & don’t need to be replaced every month or so. The kids don’t lose them, they crack & break them. These bottles, not a chance of breakage other than a replaceable lid. See how I talk myself into things?? And who told me I was a great salesperson recently…Rowan?? Yeah, I am an enabler of the worst kind!