To Sequoia & Back

Camping in the Sequoia Nat’l Park is something noone should miss in their lifetime. I grew up in & around the Sierra mountains of Northern California and had only been to the Giant Sequoia’s once in my life. We didn’t have much time to spend driving around to all of the different tourist-y sites in the park but we did thoroughly enjoy our campground and surrounding area. We saw a 2 year old bear on 2 days and heard the big male bear around our site at night but I sure as hell was not sticking my head out to see him or take a picture! Tracy also took many, many pictures. Soon she’ll have some up for a look-see. Here are a few of mine (no, not with a new beautiful camera, that one never came/order has been cancelled/story at a later date):

There were a lot of these

There was some of this

There was quite a bit of this happening in Tracy’s chair

There was not a lot of this happening in my chair

There were a few sightings of this guy

There was a lot of this

Much of this

And at the end of it all, Tracy & I ended up in matching outfits all other clothes being dirty, here is our fan-frickin-tastic family (minus sadie, she took the picture, Tracy has a full pic of the 6 of us).

Okay, it is really rather funny that we are that like minded we held onto our Haiku shirts until the last day of camping, plus green pants & we always wear our matching cowboy hats!

Funny story, well at least we thought so;
Picture it, breakfast cooked & cleaned up, campsite pretty much bear-proofed, George & the kids walk down to the creek, Tracy & I go in the tent to change for the days activities.
All of a sudden the campground get’s really noisy. Not yelling, not cars, not radios, just noisy. Before I know it, there is a woman hollering in a panicked voice into the tent, ‘do you know where your kids are? there’s a bear, a bear!’
 Being naked, Tracy & I both stammer, ‘Our husband is with the kids’.
Notice the ‘our’ in that statement.
I quickly corrected myself, not wanting to be mistaken for a polygamist, ‘he’s with them, they’ll be fine’ and Tracy says, ‘Is it a big bear?’
The woman replies, ‘yeah, it’s a year or two old’, having never seen the bear herself.
It’s like a large stuffed animal. Cute, furry and just plain adorable.

End of funny story.

…snort…’our husband’…snort…well we did match exactly so he wouldn’t get confused and think there were 2 of us, did we??

8 thoughts on “To Sequoia & Back

  1. It sounds like you guys had a blast. It reminds me how fun it is to go camping and the beauty of the forest. Then to come back to all your yarn treasures, what a treat!


  2. Oh, that camping coffee pot looks just beautiful. Everything it represents: leaving the city, being surrounded by beautiful tall redwoods (the smell of them is intoxicating), the smells of a campfire, the sound of river waters…I can’t wait till we go camping next month! Thanks for sharing your adventure.


  3. I am still laughing about the “Our husband…” comment. It was such a great trip! I loved getting away from our every day life and kind of communing with nature. Thanks again for letting me come along!!


  4. I hope you do have a wonderful camping trip! It’s my second favorite vacation, after Disneyland of course. ;o)


  5. Thanks for letting you come along, you funny girl! You are always calculated into our plans, party of 6 please!


  6. Ok, that’s a little creepy! I’ve heard of married couples starting to dress alike… and people who look like their dogs… but this is something new altogether 😉



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