5 hour late night mistake

So. I should know better than to do detail oriented patterns when I am tired, picking up my knitting at 9pm after getting the kids in bed.

I taught my class last night, stopped at Michael’s for sale Cotton-ease and then came on home in time to put the kids down to bed. I sat in my chair, picked up the unmentionables & started to work. I had finished one leg, edging & all before going to class. Now I just needed to take out the provisional cast on on the second leg & return to working on the pattern. I was too tired. Period. Plus watching Deadliest Catch on the dvr I was a tad distracted. Mike Rowe’s voice can do that to the best of us.

Instead of working a purl round, increase round, purl round for the ruffle, I went ahead & worked on the lace edging, for 4 hours!!! I only had about 40 sts left when it dawned on me,
‘this isn’t ruffling the same as the other leg’.

I hold it up & WHAM!

 I see it… it’s 3″ short- with no ruffle!


So, at 1:30am I rip it back to the provisional cast on row and put it down.
Let me just say I had a hard time falling asleep after that. I, most certainly, was not going to try to knit anymore, even if I couldn’t sleep!

This morning has gone much better, I have done the purl, increase, purl and am now working the stockinette of the ruffle bottom. Whew! Another distaster diverted!


8 thoughts on “5 hour late night mistake

  1. Anonymous

    Son Of A Bitch! I hate when that happens!! Well, good for you for picking it up this morning and working it. I think I would have had to put it on a long time out after that.


  2. Anonymous

    Oh lame! I hate when that kind of thing happens. I don’t think I would have picked it up again this morning either…


  3. Anonymous

    Ooooooh, I’m so sorry. That is the worst. Just remember, little sis, that you rock and I brag about you all the time to my crochet friends. And now I feel a need to go put a hook in something!


  4. Anonymous

    That SUCKS! But they are turning out soo cute! Speaking of updates… what’s the dealio with the Andreasen Family blog???? I think a (post) Sequoia post is called for, hmm?

    Love ya!



  5. Anonymous

    Oh, btw… what the #$@& does sl1 and psso mean in a pattern? I’m stumped & you know how I feel about research! šŸ˜‰



  6. Anonymous

    It’s so tempting to pick up some knitting when you’re tired, but really, I’ve come to understand that winding skeins of yarn into balls is a much more manageable task for that mental state. Don’t knit under the influence, and don’t do it when you’re tired — and most of all, don’t knit lace. I tried after 3 hours of legal research methods and I ended up having to frog half the stole.


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