Edging detail

I love the details on the Unmentionables.

I love the waistline.

I love the increase eyelets to the ruffly, flouncy bottom.

I love the bottom lace edging.

I also love how the bottom ruffle is coming together.

They are just making me so happy! Although, it has taken 3 hours to get through half of one legs’ ruffle edging. It’s a great edging though; 8 rows being work perpendicular for every 4 horizontal sts of the leg. Beautiful way to bind off. I am thinking it would make a great cuff on sleeves, collar, or even toe up socks.

Speaking of socks, I am teaching a 2 socks at once magic loop class starting tonight. Here are a few of the sundries I need to take with me:

I finally get to knit the Union Center Whatnot sock yarn from Woolgirl. So bright and fun! I love this yarn in the balls, I just hope it’s as perfect knit up. No funky pooling/striping happening. Just variegated goodness.

6 thoughts on “Edging detail

  1. I see knitpicks circulars there in the photo.. how do you like those for Magic Loop knitting? I am using 32 inch Addi Turbos now but am always interested in trying new (and cheaper.. ghah!) stuff.


  2. I choose my knitpicks over my addi’s all the time. I love how they are more pointy and just as slick, but not too slick. I use the 40″ cable most often with them for magic loop. And for lace, they have the little hole where you connect the cable and tip to help put in your lifeline. They are, I would have to say, my favorite needles. The possiblities are endless with them! Try them, I hope you’re not disappointed!


  3. Those are beautiful, and the lace and ruffles are really pretty. I think I’ll have to make a pair!


  4. Hi Sis! I haven’t been on your blog in a while and what do you know, I learn something new about you! I am so jealous of the DSLR. I have been wanting one for a while. The Unmentionables look marvelous and fun and comfortable. I have a friend at our guild chapter that may actually be able to teach me how to knit, so I may have to give it a shot. Meanwhile, I am crocheting up a storm and having a ball! Love you!


  5. Well, sis, if you are crocheting up a storm why aren’t you posting about it??? I want to see what you’re doing too! Other info about your life in a post wouldn’t be amiss either!


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