Progress but nothing really done

The Unmentionables are getting close to being wearable….

I am so excited to have these done! Just in time for summer beach excursions with the kids.

Yesterday Tracy & I were discussing the upcoming Mystery Stole 3 when my yarn showed up! Sarah’s Yarns shipped the day I purchased & not only was it a great price & got here fast but it smells wonderful too! I have beads also, from Craft Essentials, size 8/0 in a dark burgundy. I have more beads coming from the Beadwrangler so I haven’t fully decided yet which yarn with which beads.

 I did my gauge swatch & before I realized it I had it done & ripped out most of the way before took a photo of it. Here is what is left… zephyr in steel on size 5 needles…

I also pulled out last years Mystery Stole, Scheherazade, that is not finished. I have clues 5 & 6 plus the edging left to do.

I would love to have this done before June 29 when the MS3 starts but I am just not sure I can pull that off.

Another thing I quickly finished up yesterday was a soap sock that was originally going to be another Peaches & Creme Ballband washcloth. I lost patience & needed a new soap sock.

I love my Highland Aromatics Goat’s Milk bars in these soapsocks.

Overall, I am hoping that the next week I will have a number of finished projects to show-off.


5 thoughts on “Progress but nothing really done

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been on the fence about Mystery Stole 3, and now I’m seriously considering signing up for it. You’re such an enabler! : )
    The Unmentionables are starting to look like underpants, which is a good thing. Also, last year’s stole looks great, which adds to the temptation.
    Now why didn’t I think of a soap sock? My bar of soap always gets all gunky and gooey… not any more! I’m knitting one of those today!


  2. Anonymous

    Those Unmentionables… I actually am starting to really like them!! Out of that cotton, I think they are the perfect Santa Barbara type of clothing. They are cute! And I think that Zephyr is perfect for the shawl.


  3. Anonymous

    Oh my, if you only knew how many projects I really have going on at the moment! I have been pretty good about starting & finishing projects lately. That is out of character for me. I am a start-aholic for sure!


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