Flutterby done

I finished the Flutterby socks a couple of days ago. Here they are (pictures taken at night right after I finished them):

It’s a sportweight yarn knit on size 4 needles, magic loop, with a whopping 44 sts. They have a 7″ leg, slipped st heel flap, and they are a nice long foot. Yet, I still have 20g left of the 100g hank! I have yet to ever use a full 100g on a pair of socks. Not sure why.


7 thoughts on “Flutterby done

  1. Anonymous

    Oh how I wish my heel flaps looked like yours! I often seem to end up with that teeny little hole on each side. It’s hit or miss with me, but I’ll keep on trying to improve my technique. That’s the fun part.


  2. Anonymous


    Here is how I do it so I don’t get holes at the corners.

    When I pick up the sts down the side of my heel flap I pick up an extra 3 sts down in the dip/corner where the holes occur. Then on my first round I decrease by doing my k2tog & ssk on the last 2 sts and first 2 sts accordingly; instead of the normal decrease at the last 3 sts, k2tog, k1 & k1, ssk.

    Then every decrease round from there on it’s on the 3 sts.

    Make sense? If not, we can get together at some point & I will show you.


  3. Anonymous

    You are so right! Next time I get some of Woolarina’s sport weight sock yarn I will do toe up so I can go until the yarn is gone.


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