Danes sure do like their birthdays

Happy 33rd Birthday to my Main Squeeze!

Okay so his birthday was officially on Friday the 13th but I just didn’t get around to posting that day/night.

We had a lovely birthday, he loved his gifts; xoxo socks from moi (which he wore all weekend and now need to be washed), vintage danish novels (which he loved and can’t wait to start reading, whew! That was a gift I wasn’t sure he was going to like as much as I do), lots of soccer stuff (danish nat’l team and Manchester United, cross your fingers they make it through their game tonight) and last but not least, the Danish KPM antique china, inherited from his farmor (danish father’s mother, or Grandma Andreasen) and gifted by his sisters to him. They thought it was time he had his inheritance now that his mother isn’t around and his father really has no use for china in any form. He grew up in DK eating meals of all occasions on this china. So, without further ado, the china

Those are not all the pieces and the top shelf has our wedding china. But the rest are all packed away safely in the kitchen to be pulled out and used whenever needed.
This is actually a bookcase that used to house all of my knitting books/magazines/stationary/Bibles. The kitchen is too small for a hutch of it’s own so I sacrificed my bookcase to become a china hutch (sans doors which George says he may install).

As you can see, there are many fun little accoutrements to this set. A spoon rest, a toothpick holder, a salt/pepper/mustard set (missing the cutest little porcelain spoon, it’s got to turn up somewhere) and another fun little dish that is not in the picture. As well as all the large pieces, 2 coffee pots (one missing a lid and chipped on the pourspout), a potato bowl, a leaf shaped platter, a 3 section candy dish, a round platter and a fantastic gravy boat. All are pictured in the hutch picture.
My favorite thing about this china is the surprise flower in each teacup. Every cup has a different flower inside.

George’s favorite piece is the salt/pepper & mustard jar set. He found this set the last time he was in Dk visiting his Aunt & Uncle in Skjern. They had stopped for lunch and were walking through a small square where there was a Saturday flea market. Out of the corner of his eye he spied this set on someone’s table for sale. He immediately bought it. It’s nice to have it in our posession now where he can croon over it to his heart’s content.

Here is a shot of the books on the piano where he can get to them easily & it’s good eye candy for me ;o)

On the knitting front I actually did get something done this weekend. The picture below is the RPM socks before the short row heels but they are through the heels now and working up the leg. It’s a fast pattern and the yarn from Over the RainbowYarns is great to work with.

I am working on a pattern of my own today and having a bit of trouble in the stitch pattern placement once past the heel flap but it’ll work itself out & I am pretty sure the bumps are out of the pattern once I am past this point. I won’t say what the pattern is for, that part is a surprise!


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  1. Anonymous

    How very nice that George has memories of this china from his childhood and here it now sits in his house. 🙂 It is a Beautiful set of china. (I know, I didn’t get it the other day, why ya’ll were so excited about china…but I get it now.)

    And um…I like your socks…. 🙂 (Said in Kip style)


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