Hoop-er, Hoop-er

I got hoops, more lovely hoops, bring on the fabric ba-by



and if anyone can tell me what the article title is from you get a prize!! a free yarn prize to the first correct answer!! and Tracy doesn’t get this one, she heard it the other day in the car for the first time & I kinda made a big deal about it. sorry, Trac!


5 thoughts on “Hoop-er, Hoop-er

  1. Anonymous

    Not to worry. I figure you could have one of those little disclaimers down at the bottom where it excludes all employees and family members. lol


  2. Anonymous

    Hi, so sorry about placing this in your comments for this post but I would like to get in touch with you about your yarn listed on the destash blog and the email link does not work. If you could contact me that would be great. Thank you, and again sorry for placing this here in your comments.


  3. Anonymous

    I am sorry Anonymous, you didn’t leave any way for me to get in touch with you! If you happen to come back & see this just email me directly, chauntel at cox dot net, and let me know what yarn on destash!


  4. Anonymous

    Your title reminds me of the monster singing “Sup-er, dup-er” in “Puttin’ on the ritz” in Young Frankenstein. Love your blog and all the beautiful photographs!


  5. Anonymous

    Okay, cat out of the bag. It’s from the Sesame Street song 2.

    Thanks, I love taking pictures and it’s a fun little addition to a knitting hobby.


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