i got me a little danish

George requested a soccer/danish birthday this year. Thank the Ebay lords for one hot day of auctions about 2 weeks ago. Having gone to school from the age of 6-15 in Denmark George reads much better in danish than english. Last year I had one of his cousins send us a Lord of the Rings trilogy in danish. That was a hit. So when I found a lot of 23 danish written novels from 1900-1978 I had to get them! I don’t think he will honestly read them but look at how cool they are! If nothing else, they make radical decorations.

The covers and bindings are so cool. And, as you can see above, some have watermarked pages to match their covers. Brilliant I tell you!
There are many other gifts that are not as ‘cool’ in my opinion but I am not a Danish soccer player that loves Manchester United either. There are many t-shirts (which I don’t ever buy for him but thought I would gratify him this time), soccer jerseys, classic Denmark national team cards, stamps- yes a Danish postage stamp from when they won the EuroCup years ago, I am not kidding when I said I found a lot of stuff on Ebay. Random stuff too. But it will all make him happy so that is what is important.  I even found some danish national team soccer briefs (that they wear under shorts so they don’t chafe) for him & Tyler (who is also a soccer freak & loves whatever his dad loves). They also got matching Manchester United jerseys.

Anyways, I am happy about the books.

3 thoughts on “i got me a little danish

  1. I think you already have yourself a big Danish but the books are pretty darn cool too! I love how the edges of the papers match the covers. Nice job!


    Now I definitely have to come over Saturday just so I can look at them and smell them (Yes, I know that’s weird, but I love the smell of old books!). Hehe!
    I have a small collection of old books. My most prized book is a Common Book of Prayer from the 1700s that’s bound in leather that one of my old pastors gave me.


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