horsey hat

Mom’s horsey hat is done! I love it, I love it, I love it!

Those are pretty close to the true colors too. It’s more burgundy but that works. And of course, I always post the picture before I block the item so yes, there is some puckering still. You can see the seam of the liner too but that may disappear with blocking.

The cotton liner makes all the difference in the comfort of the hat. Instead of seaming it up after the rest of the hat was finished I chose to just blind hem it in like you would on a sweater with a turned hem. It was so simple that way and the least obvious that I could think of.

Now, I am going to admit something. My dad’s dress socks…they are being ripped out. I can’t get anywhere on them & I hate them. How ’bout that reason? So, since mom’s hat turned out so darn great I am going to make dad a similar hat sans horses. Not sure what motif to use but I can come up with something fun for him. He doesn’t really love anything iconic other than his computer & I am not doing a fair isle laptop linked to his pc both running at the same time. Sorry, not gonna happen.


3 thoughts on “horsey hat

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, c’mon! We can come up with the perfect techie hat for your dad!! Someone has to have thought up a fair isle chart for a computer. 🙂

    That hat turned out ohso cute!


  2. Anonymous

    The hat looks great! I love it!
    I missed you at knit group last week! Oh, and this Saturday and the 28th, Nathan’s on sound and I’m not singing, so I can come over if you’d like 😀


  3. Anonymous

    Like I said before, I am NOT knitting a hat with a computer on it! First, he’ll never wear it and I want him to wear it. Secondly, he’d just chuckle at it & toss it aside to be looked at. I suppose looking at knitting & admiring it is almost as good as wearing it but I do want him to use what I give him. So there ;o)


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