Many things

Over at Posie’s place I saw the cutest, simplest idea for embroidery hoops and all this gorgeous fabric we are all collecting.

So I made my own.

Now if only I had her gorgeous green walls and perfect house. sigh. Alas I live in a tiny house just so I can afford to stay in SB. Such is the life when you want to live in paradise. Tracy & I scoured Craft Essentials for the mix of fabrics to go together, this is all the hoops I had on hand so that is what got done late last night. I will do a whole wall of them, floor to ceiling, right there. Probably a good dozen or so. We have 11 fabrics plus there were plenty more that we wanted. It’s so simple yet you get to use the art of the fabric itself.

I also started more granny squares, just for shits & giggles this time. I had 3 balls of Noro Silk Garden color 84 that I didn’t know what to do with. What else, granny squares! They are on the brain lately.

That is a pretty accurate photo but it’s hard to get a good picture of reds inside with superhaze outside. I am going to go ahead & use 13 balls (10 of which I have coming from ebay) to make myself a simple granny square afghan. I love them. It will be tonal and that just makes me ridiculously happy!

I also found Tyler some orange, yes orange, Chuck’s at Ross last night to go with his black ones. This boy loves his orange!

Um…he loves them. Who wouldn’t really?


7 thoughts on “Many things

  1. Anonymous

    That is such a cool idea!
    And I love your fabric pieces. What a great way to display them in your home.
    Also love the orange shoes. I think Orange may be my second favorite color. It’s so cheery. It’s also my little sister’s favorite. She can’t get enough of it either.


  2. Anonymous

    Hellllooo?? Didn’t I say I would do it? Sheesh, call me! The kids are back in school Monday, I don’t have a lot happening next week ;o)


  3. Anonymous

    And I was just there again with the kids. 2 more pair of converse hi-tops (green for Sadie, white w/ blue for Trevor) & 2 bathing suits a piece. Nice shopping trip out of the way.


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