Not one stitch

Today not one stitch has been knit or crochet. Instead I have been playing with my new Samsung U740 phone. Yippee! I have never had a phone with anything extra, not even a camera, so this is a big step for me. I have been downloading software, updating and repairing programs on my computer that run with it and now, now it works. I am listening to Evanescence right now. I could be listening to it on the ‘puter like normal but the sweetness of listening to music on my phone is too good. I have Lord of the Rings Two Towers unabridged on there (not all of 14 discs, just disc 8 cuz that would be a waste of space). Now that I know how to sync it I can just erase & add whenever I want. Fantastic!

So the knitting plan still stands as finishing George’s xoxo socks, dad’s bday dress socks and working on granny squares. I so badly want to start the cute skirt from Greetings from Knit Cafe but have been a good girl about not casting on. Mom’s horse hat kit comes first so I have it done to give to her when I go visit at the end of the month. Those 3 projects are the top priority then I can cast on to my hearts content!


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