100% sure

I might actually be 110% sure I won’t knit one thing from the spring/summer 2007 Vogue knitting magazine.

It’s actually horrific and offensive to me on some level. Okay, maybe offensive is too strong of a word but wow, it is not nice on the eyes. 

Now, I reserve the right to change my mind and go against all I just stated at a later date and actually knit something. But I highly doubt it.


6 thoughts on “100% sure

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, there’s not much in there that looks decent. I do kinda like the lace tank (though I’d probably not make it), the light pink cardigan (the “slouchy” one, not the godawful purple ribbony thing – I think I’d actually wear that pink one, but in a different color), and the cream baby sweater is cute (but again, I’d probably not make it – too much work for something that might not be worn much).
    So yeah, I’d maybe make one thing. But I think I’ve got eleventy billion other things I’d make first.


  2. Anonymous

    This is actually the second issue of VK that I haven’t bought because I thought that most of the designs were beyond awful. Usually with VK I will buy it knowing that I will knit something out of it sometime in the future (maybe in a year or two when their runway looks trickle down to ‘mainstream fashion’) but these last few issues have left me scratching my head.


  3. Anonymous

    I seriously thought, what a waste of paper and good resources. Great designers too. I know they can all design better than that. I guess that is what makes it such a let down.


  4. Anonymous

    Thank God I am not the only one that feels this way! I was expecting at least one scathing comment on how I was crazy they were all so cute. Whew! I may seriously reconsider this subscription.


  5. Anonymous

    I had a hard time looking past most of the colors/shapes/crap on the sweaters to even see how I would alter them to make them wearable. Depressing. i will stick with socks for now & the thousand projects I have on hand.


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