More birthday socks

I found the perfect mens sock yarn, finally!

Cherry Tree Hill Java

And the perfect sock pattern to go with it, Jon’s Anniversox.

After getting them started last night and the pattern all set I switched to making chair pads for our kitchen chairs. We have always had an issue with how to sit all 5 of us (plus Tracy when she is here) in our small kitchen at our table. So we moved the table around and used our folding chairs so they fit better next to eachother. But they are not soft so pads were needed.

I love my chairs. Those are mine & Sadie’s chairs, the boys & man have dark brown metal chairs without the frilly glass leaves. Now to make the other 5 pads! I just used chocolate brown double worsted Peaches & Cream, held 2 strands together on size 13’s in a simple log cabin design. Now to come up with some cute ribbon to make the 4 corner ties. Oh yeah, and I am out of yarn. I have charcoal grey on hand and 2 cones of a green coming. It will be a fun mix of colors. And they will be so easy to wash & keep clean! Can you tell the simple things get me excited?


4 thoughts on “More birthday socks

  1. Anonymous

    It matches the Absorba mat!
    That’s a really good idea…I like it better than fabric pads. Somehow it seems like it’d be more comfortable.


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