Destash is brilliant

Destash is a brilliant idea. Unfortunately they are not accepting new members and I have some stash I need to DESTASH. I do look forward to the K&P yarn swap that will happen in April but I have some stuff I wouldn’t mind making money on. Since going through my organizing phase I have found yarns I have had for well over 4 years with the best intention of knitting. I just never have found a pattern that will work with them. I do feel the need to have control. Buy yarns specifically for projects instead of hording it all and never using it. Even if I don’t use the newly purchased yarn immediately it’s already sitting in the perfect kit waiting for when I am ready.

And sock yarn. Oh how I love sock yarns. The colors, the different dyeing techniques, the never ending possiblities with patterns. Alas, if I knit only socks for the next year I would still have almost another year worth of sock yarn left. (I can only knit so fast people) How does 29, 920 yards (that is 83 pair knit using 360 yars average adult womens size) sound to you? AND none of the socks I have knit recently have used yarn in that count. But I did cast on for a pair of toe up 2 at once rpm’s for Sadie last night.using Freaky Purple superwash from Over the Rainbow yarns (linked on the sidebar).

Unfortunately for me I can only knit so fast and once I get too many projects on needles I flit around like a butterly pollinating and don’t get a whole lot accomplished in one place.
But to make myself feel better I finished one pair of socks yesterday and a sample sock for a project yet to be announced.

They are socks I made while teaching my last 2 socks on 2 circs class using Queensland Kathmandu DK yarn. I bought it at K & P of course. I am so making more of this exact same sock. I am a sock girl. I wear socks at home all day long. I wear through felted slippers but handknit socks, not a problem. Go figure!

I am going on a sock kick. I really want to hit my goal in the Lime & Violet sock marathon of 3 miles = 5280 yards (or was it 5 miles, who remembers) by July 15th. I am on my way! I am at 1380 yards = .78 miles knit so far. lol seriously I just guffawed at how lame that is! I better get going!
I took all the kids foot measurements yesterday planning/preparing to make them all socks. Kids socks go fast and they do eat up the yarn if you give them a longer leg. Shortie socks, like the pom squad, I can whip them out with leftover yarn that I have hanging out (but it is all in my mileage count so it counts).

And, drumroll please, Tracy has decided that knitting socks is not the most horrible thing in the knitting world. The aforementioned secret project she is test knitting for me. And she admitted she even looked through Sensational Knitted Socks looking for her next pair to knit! i am now going to do something i have never done on my blog before…..



4 thoughts on “Destash is brilliant

  1. Anonymous

    Great, I wasn’t ready to REALLY admit it yet! lol I can’t believe you squee’d.

    83 pairs of socks? Just about matches up to your shoe count… 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    That site IS wonderful lol, I have gotten a couple of good books from there lol. And I would LOVE to take your class!!!!


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