granny squares=potato chips

Once you start, you cannot stop. No matter how hard you try, the colors, the texture, the speed of the granny square is addicting.

The colors are not exact in the photo but I did the best i could in my dark living room. I hate not having good natural light.

Anyways, I have 21 squares done and only 159 more to go. Yes, that is right! I am going to make this picnic blanket a truly large size that will actually be able to seat all of us in the family. So 15 x 12 squares it is. Now, we’ll see when I get to 14 x 12 squares if I want to do an extra row or if I call it good.

On another note, I decided that I want to do a rag/cotton rug for the kitchen. I ordered the wrong color of double worsted weight peaches & cream for the kids bath so together with some flannel sheet rag yarn it will become a spiral rug for the kitchen.

I finished teaching my 2 socks on 2 circs class last night so I have no more classes until spring break is done. Nice break with no real deadlines to meet. Dad’s dress socks are next up to be done by April 15th. No prob!

Now if I could only tear myself away from the granny squares long enough to accomplish something!

this is by no means the actual order in which they will be assembled. I just willy-nilly threw them out on the floor.

4 thoughts on “granny squares=potato chips

  1. I love it. I want to start it. I won’t give in though, nope, not giving in, not looking at colors, not contemplating, not doing it. I swear. Not gonna…


  2. Looking good! Granny squares are fun to do.

    Please tell me you are working in the ends as you go and that the ones I see are for sewing up or some important purpose. I don’t think I would have EVER gotten that granny baby blanket done if I hadn’t worked in the ends as I went. I would have given up. And that was only a 3′ square blanket!

    Plus, it’s so easy to work them in as you go!


  3. Oh hell yes I am working the ends in, the ones I left on the corners are either for sewing together or will have to be worked in as I sew it together. Not sure which method of assembly I am going to use yet. There are some that are all worked in I just didn’t snip the ends off.



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