I love my ups man & I don’t love my usps woman but she is forgiven only for today.

Peaches & Creme solids for a picnic granny square blanket. The green is more sage than that & the blue is periwinkle not royal and the orange is not so bright. Cameras, sheesh.

deep breath….sigh….so much pretty sock yarn. 500 yards each superwash wool from Over the Rainbow Yarns on Ebay. The colors are Leaflitter, Pale Parrot and Freaky Purple.
Obvi, for socks. I am considering knee highs out of the freaky purple for Sadie, toe up & stockinette. So great to go with her Chuck’s.

And some yarn that wasn’t delivered to my house, I got it at Michaels

Red Heart Soft in purple. I know, some of you just shuddered but until you have knit something with it & worn it a dozen times you have NO RIGHT TO JUDGE IT. oops, got a little opinionated there ;o)