good things to come

Saturday it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. All the new yarn, new books, etc had to be put together or organized in some new way. hmmm….a list…..not enough…..inventory them….not enough….put both ideas together & what do you get? The perfect plan. Bag the yarns & patterns/books together and keep them all in one place, inventoried so that when I want to start something new I have a place to go, a living yarn catalog!

There are 22 projects in there; sweaters, shawls, socks, bags, blankets, you name it, it’s in there. A couple are already on needles but I have no love for them right now, they can be lumped together with upcoming projects.

I bought the new Rebecca 33 over the weekend with yarn for 3 projects since CE had their yarn all on 30% off. Great time to buy GGH, on sale. I finished the pieces for one (a bikini top, shocking!) yesterday and will sew them together as soon as I have the legs of the socks for the sock class I am teaching at the correct length. I bought fabric for lining it too. We’ll see if it needs to be lined or if I can get away with wearing it without my feeders poking through.

So basically my goal of finishing the cabled sweater was totally missed. But, come tomorrow I will back to working solely on that.

4 thoughts on “good things to come

  1. How cool! I have my yarn from my stash in metal cubes like you’d find at some yarn shops because I just love the way it looks.


  2. I used to have it in cubes but have reorganized many times since then. I had a friend that had a major moth infestation and that got my butt moving to improve my organization with safety measures, hence the plastic bags. I had to bypass the pretty stash for the safe stash. lol


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