I couldn’t help myself

So after posting this morning I went inside and promptly cast on the rag rug for the kitchen.

It measures about 14″ across there, maybe a bit more. I am writing the pattern as I go so it will be on hand.

And of course I found the most perfect, amazing Naughty Monkey heels at Ross yesterday. Um…can you say $88 shoes for $20.99???

ooooh, I will be watching for more of this brand. damn it is hard to get a picture of your foot.

I made some fun sock stitch markers the other night. I found copper rings and stems to go with multi colored freshwater pearls I had. They will fit up to a size 3 needle (they are on a 1 in the picture).

I love copper, it’s my favorite metal but hard to find for jewelry and crafts. Now if only I knew how to use the sauldering gun I got from Tracy’s mom I could saulder the rings shut. Not sure I feel confident enough to try it at the present time.



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