such a let down

I really wish I could say that I have continued to only knit from my stash. Alas, I have not. I have acquired more new yarn lately than I should have. But what can a woman do when it’s so pretty and you can use it right away on a gift for someone (even though you have perfectly good yarn at home to make the project with already)? Many, many people are needing gifts in the near future so I am planning ahead, knitting now. Babies, birthdays, more babies. What is a knitter to do? Knit some more & of course, buy more yarn to knit it with.

Tonight’s knit group was fun, we talked about electrolosis on the nether regions, body hair issues in general, raccoons crawling through houses in spaces that aren’t even meant to have living beings inside of them (walls, attics, ceiling/floor of second story). Lots of interesting topics. None of which were knitting. Although knitting was happening (along with quite a few mistakes due to lack of concentration).

Projects I am working on…….well I would love to share it all but there are those that are recipients of certain items so I cannot share until after they are given. But I can tell you about…no, wait….those are a gift too. Okay, nevermind, you get no knitting information.

I would love to do a yarn acquisition photo but my husband might actually be alarmed if he saw it all in one place. I will do it tomorrow while he is working ;o) I am so evil.

I stopped in at Knit & Pearl today and there are new yarns. Yummy, soft, luxurious, sparkly,  perfect new yarns. And new books, patterns, needles (addi turbo lace needles coming soon). With plenty more to come. Julie can’t order all the yarns I want until you people get your butts in there & start shopping to support my habit! Get movin’ girls (and boys if there are any in the SB area that can show us you knit, or crochet).

I can be totally honest and say that I have never bought so much yarn from a local yarn shop before. Maybe from Craft Essentials but they are not a specialty shop but a regular craft store that happens to carry yarn & take Michaels 40% off coupons.  I am rather proud of myself for going to Julie before I go online to see if she has anything that will work with whatever project I am thinking of. I have to confess, she did order Lambs Pride bulky in aubergine just for me because I wanted to make my mom mukluks but I never did buy the yarn. I do have plans to though!! ;o) Okay, fine I will buy it soon. It would be rather rude of me not to, wouldn’t it?? (this is me begging to be held accountable, follow through on promises made)

Anywho, after all these gifts are knit over the next few weeks I will have more to show by way of pictures instead of lots of wordy words. I know, it’s boring without visual stimulation. I can leave you with this though,


A reminder of how the racoon escaped my attic. Enjoy.

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  1. I have to say that was one of the most scary nights I have ever had! I didn’t know if it was a man or a beast! Didn’t help that my nightly dose of Xfiles was a bit scary that night.


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