Stash enhancement minus what is on the way

So here are my purchases for the last little while. I know, I have left a few out that I already used up.

Top of the picture you see 1 skein Lambs Pride bulky in Blue Magic from Knit & Pearl, to be used for a Meathead hat for my brother in law (he was jealous when the kids all got them for christmas & he didn’t).

 1 1lb cone of Lambs Pride Bulky in Roasted Coffee from Oregon Trail Yarn & Books on Ebay, to be used for another deep cowl neck sweater from Vogue Fall ’06 that I made using a boucle yarn in a previous post.

1 1lb cone of Lambs Pride worsted in Medieval Red also from Oregon Trail, it does not have a designated project yet but soon I promise.

2 cones of Aunt Lydias denim cotton, one is a marl linen, the other is chambray.

The dark orange set of balls in front left are cashmere from Colourmart, it’s laceweight that I just wound 3 strands together to make a worsted weight.

The bright yellow/green, color 9912,  ball is Cascade Yarns Bulky Leisure HD.

Behind that there is a dark green ball of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere from Knit & Pearl, I have 2 more balls of it in a light blue somewhere. Somehow it didn’t get inventoried, I am wondering if I offloaded it onto someone else, Marieke maybe? Anyhow, I am going to use this one to make myself an Odessa hat with pretty beads that have yet to be purchased.

Directly in front of that is a Pea green Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran from Knit & Pearl to add to my stash that will eventually become a striped or maybe fair isle sweater.

In front of that is a ball of SWTC Bamboo from Knit & Pearl in Azul. Fun, fun, fun from Knit & Pearl. One ball of this yarn makes so many little things it just tickles me to think about it!

To the right of that are 2 balls of Crystal Palace Yarns Bamboozle from Craft Essentials worsted weight bamboo blend yarn for socks in colorway Fall Herbs.

Behind those balls are 2 balls of Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Cotton from Craft Essentials fingering weight, it is also a bamboo/cotton blend for socks in colorway Cinnamon.

And lastly on the right are 3 balls of Little Lehigh, cotton/acrylic Dk in colors It’s a Boy (blue), Sleepy Head (lavendar) and Play time (green). I thought the names were pretty cute and they are huge balls of yarn! Over 240 yards for $6 at Knit & Pearl. Great buy for all the baby stuff that is going around lately.

Not in the picture but on the way are a few cones of Peaches N Creme for bathmats, random kitchen stuff, washcloths, ballband washrags, etcetc.

Also coming are 2 balls of hand dyed superwash sock yarn coming from Over the Rainbow Yarns on Ebay. Leaflitter & Freaky Purple. I know, I don’t need anymore mileage in the sock yarn department. I haven’t actually finished a pair of socks in about a month. But I do have 2 sock classes I am teaching plus my dad’s bday coming up so that is at least 3 pair. Tada!!

And my mom’s Mother’s Day present is on it’s way. I will have to tell her & dad not to read so I can post about it. It’s a good one!

Look at the Horse Hat! It’s a kit from Bea Ellis Knitwear. I chose burgundy & a very pale silver blue color. I can’t wait to get it! How perfect for her long, freezing horse rides. They are doing a wagon train in a couple of months (right after mother’s day I think) so it will be perfect timing for those cool nights in the high desert and mountains.

That is what I have coming & have acquired. Jealous? Probably not but I am excited about it all. Can you tell there is a little more money coming in recently? I am done now. I shall knit, knit, knit. That is if I can get my butt off this computer.


4 thoughts on “Stash enhancement minus what is on the way

  1. Anonymous

    I wanna buy yarn toooooo!! /whine
    I *really* want to get some bamboo yarn sometime. I think it’d be fun to make a tank top out of it, or an accessory of some sort.
    Oh, and I don’t think I ended up with any DB cashmere, but who knows…I haven’t even made a dent in all the yarn I inherited from you! I was just looking through it to find something for a project and re-discovered some hand-me-downs I forgot were in there, haha!


  2. Anonymous

    You don’t want the guilt that comes with buying the yarn. Just take what we give to you! Don’t forget the yarn swap at Knit & Pearl April 29th. You may be able to inherit even more there.


  3. Anonymous

    PS: I just realized I can come over Sat the 10th after the shower, since Nathan has to be at church at 3:45 and I don’t need to be there till 6pm. (Either that or maybe hitch a ride with you or Tracy afterwards?) Oh forget it, I’ll just call/txt you next week or something, haha



  4. Anonymous

    I’m gonna have to keep the stash swap on the DL with Nathan, hehehe…hopefully he’ll be back to working Sundays by then, HA!!

    Actually, I do have some random yarns that I don’t really want (although I don’t see how anyone else would want them either, but you never know!), so hopefully I can get rid of some too…

    That will be a dangerous day…


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