baby knits, disneyland= my weekend

I distinctly remember saying in my last post how glad I was to not have the internet so I could get a lot of knitting done. Yeah, nothing has been done since. Okay, some things have been done but not nearly as much as I would like to have done.

I have been working on baby gifts. There are all kinds of babes being/just been born in my circle of peeps.

I also spent the weekend in Disneyland so there is good reason to not have gotten any knitting done. Although I did finish crocheting a new hat for Trevor so he had a hat to wear in the evening. Good thing too because it was chilly. Tracy has most pictures on her magical camera but I do have a couple on my hand me down camera (thanks tracy). Let’s see what I can find…..

Here are George & the kids in the ‘tub’, ‘accuzzi’, ‘shacuzzi’, depending on what kid you talk to, at the Grand Californian Hotel. (Oh Lord how I do love that hotel)

Here is Tracy leading Trevor through Fantasyland, or is it that Trevor is leading Tracy? That is how it went most of the day, we adults were just dragged around by our buddies. Seeing how this trip was the first trip where it was a 1:1, kid:adult ratio we buddied up. Tracy & Trevor, George & Sadie, Tyler & I. It made it pretty simple. This is also the first trip where I am in pictures!!! That is great! Once again, Tracy saved the day.

Now, knitting stuff. I did finish a baby hat & another washcloth. It is the burp rag pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting but I didn’t like how long it was taking so it became a washcloth. I used Aunt Lydia’s cotton, marl tan with Rowan Denim.

Right now I am working on more baby items. I teach my last beginning sweater class tonight then next week I start the 2 socks on 2 circ’s class again. Between now & then I have to type out my pattern, do photos of the cast on & heel process and then print out patterns. Not that fun but very, very important! That reminds me, I should do my swatch so I can have Julie pass it on to the students. I love handing out homework before the class even begins!!



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  1. Anonymous

    Great pictures, and I love all the kid’s names for the jacuzzi.
    Looks like a lot of fun.
    And I love the new layout of the blog too.
    ~ Suzanne


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