Are you ready for some pictures???

There won’t be much talking through this post but lots of pretty pictures to keep your attention. Okay, the pictures might not be pretty but the knit items certainly are!

First off, we have the plum cashmere vest from Vogue knitting.

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out although it shrunk up a bit more than the swatch did. (You can look up previous posts to get the details on this one.) I will just persistently block it. The cashmere I got from Colourmart, or I should say Tracy got me for my birthday from Colourmart. ;o) LOVE IT. Love that store, love cashmere.

Next up, a deep v vest using Soy Wool Stripes yarn from Patons. It’s a pattern of my own design. I eventually may do something with it, offer it up for free or submit it somewhere. Not that it’s all that spectacular really. I should have done a few short rows on the back of the collar to aleviate the pulling on the deep V.

Moving right along.

I started & finished this beauty in 2 days. Using some cone acrylic slub yarn and a pattern from Vogue Fall ’06 this went ridiculously fast. I must say, it is one of my favorite sweaters.

Let’s see, what else. Oh yes, the Filatura di Crosa short sleeved cabled sweater that I used Red Heart Soft Yarn for. I am wearing it right now. I had to strip to take a picture of it. Hope that doesn’t offend anyone out there

It’s a tad more dark than that, more spice colored but you know how finicky reds can be.

On to other items. I knit 2 diagonal mesh bags. One using Euroflax sportweight

And another one using Peaches ‘n Creme cone kitchen cotton in colorway sour green apple

For this one I decided to forgo the 3 needle bind off and make a bag bottom in the round (using magic loop) decreasing down to a few stitches and pulling my yarn tight. It’s a solid knit bottom and much more roomy than the 3 needle bind off method.

Socks have been coming off the needles also. First are my socks that I knit while teaching my first beginning sock class at Knit & Pearl using size 2 needles and Claudia Handpainted yarn in Walk in the Woods colorway. (to be quite honest, I may have already posted a picture of these but forgotten, forgive the repetition)

And socks that I made teaching the 2 socks on 2 circ’s class at K&P also. I used size 2 needles and Hot Foot sockyarn from Village spinning & weaving in Solvang.

Okay, so, whew! That is what I have done while not having the internet. That doesn’t include knitting 90% of Eunny Jang’s entrelac sock from the newest IK and then having to rip it all the way out to the heel because the middle of the leg didn’t fit. sigh. I can’t talk about that one yet. I will take a picture of what is left. I have decided to actually use kpppm like is recommended. I have enough on hand to make rainbow-ish socks. That is exciting to me but I am still rather pissed off at that ripping experience to move on.

I have been working on baby items. My sister in law had my newest nephew about 3 hours ago, Andrew Eldon Eby. Gotta love the name. So he is my focus for the time being.

Here is a bib from Mason Dixon knitting. I used Aunt Lydia’s crochet cotton in a tan/white marl color with a square metal button for closure.

And you may have noticed Mickey in the background. He’s my new duvet cover, I got him for Christmas. Twill embroidered. I love him.

Speaking of Mickey, we are going to visit him this weekend. Staying at the Grand Californian Hotel and playing for the weekend. Too much fun, there will be pictures of course. Keep an eye out on Tracy’s blog, I will make her take pics with the ‘good camera’.

Okay, so for now that is all my brain & hands can handle.

Thanks for stickin’ in there with me over this tumultuous time in my internet/blog/phone history, y’all ROCK!

11 thoughts on “Are you ready for some pictures???

  1. Oooh, seeing it all at once! I love the cashmere vest, and the SWS vest and the and the and…everything. 🙂

    So glad to have you back online!


  2. wow.. talk about a lot of finished objects! I guess that I would get a lot knitted if I stayed away from the computer, but the urge to read blogs is too strong!


  3. Can I just say that I haven’t got crap done, not one stitch knit (while at home, luckily I had 2 classes to teach & 1 knit group this week) while at home? I may just take every other week off from the computer. Maybe then I would get more done. Okay, I have proven I would get more done.


  4. Looking good! You certainly accomplished a lot! I can’t pick a favorite knitted item from this post. They’re all awesome!


  5. OK, I love the look of your new blog! So easy on the eyes! And girl, you have been busy! Maybe we should all take a break from the Internet once in a while and get some real knitting done! Who knows, maybe my house’d get clean too! …nah! :-S


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