Couple ‘a things not fiber related

First, it is our 11th wedding anniversary on the 20th of this month. My husband is a general contractor and has gone through 3 wedding rings. The first (and only one he is still in posession of) is a simple gold band a good 3 sizes too small for him. He has meaty hands I am proud to say ;o) The second ring he lost while building a restaurant in Colorado 7 years ago (after he smashed it so badly he almost had to cut it off his finger, he misplaced it before he could take it to a jeweler to have it reshaped. It’s probably built into a wall or behind one of the huge industrial kitchen appliances), the third ring (which was my favorite by far and closest match to my antique wedding ring) he lost a few months ago playing beach volleyball. He took it off so it wouldn’t chafe and lost it somewhere in the sand. He really was sure he put it in his backpack but alas, it was not there when he went to put it back on.

So with some moneys I made, you read that right folks I earned some money, I just bought him a new ring for an anniversary gift. He was actually really upset he lost the last ring, he liked it too. Here is a glimpse of it. Titanium and 18k gold.

Titanium and 18k 7mm Comfort Fit Band

I love it.

Like I love him.

Okay, I love him more.

Secondly, those of you who live or have lived or even visited Santa Barbara know our lack of realistic shopping spots here in town. If we want some place fun (that wouldn’t take an entire paycheck for one item) to shop we have to drive an hour to Ventura. No Wallie world here, no Target for us. But, come April/May we will have our very own Old Navy. You read right folks!! My kids can have cute disposable clothes, finally! I love clearance, I love sales, I love shopping and not having an Old Navy has been a real problem for me living here again. I didn’t even mind it when I lived in the mountains & had to drive down half an hour to shop in the valley. But when I have to go from one urban area to another urban area an hour away from my house for such a popular store I just don’t have it in me. So, Ross will have a serious contender pretty soon. They better woo me with some good deals!

Kinda like the deals I got today at the thrift store. 1 pointelle cardigan, 5 pairs of pants/jeans & 6 pair of shorts for a whopping  $10 total. All in like new condition, all the perfect sizes for the kids. Gotta love that find! It’s like someone that has kids one step above mine came & dropped them off with my name on them. Fan-frickin-tastic!

Now off to do some knitting. I havent’ knit a stitch yet today and if I want to get my cashmere vest done I had better work on it. Do you think I can actually work on it until it’s done without picking up anything else? That is my goal, wish me luck!

Granted, I do start teaching the beginning sweater class next Tuesday so that puts me on a deadline. I work well under time constraints, gets the fire burning under my tush.



6 thoughts on “Couple ‘a things not fiber related

  1. Anonymous

    Where Copeland Sports on State St just closed. They have to retrofit the space and hope to be open in April/May.

    Awesome huh???


  2. Anonymous

    My husband (who also works in construction) destroys wedding rings too.. and we’ve been looking at titanium rings similar to the one you bought at Kay Jewlers for a while. As soon as I have some money.. I’ll be buying one.


  3. Anonymous

    That’s a nice ring!
    And OLD NAVY?!?!?!!!!!!! YAY! And it’s in my neck of the woods, too!! Yippeee! I can actually buy some new clothes!


  4. Anonymous

    The ring is a great idea. When Marius finishes destroying his during rock climbing, I’ll go titanium. We didn’t go that way initially because they are basically impossible to size but at the rate he is working on his ring, it will be gone before his knuckles get any larger!


  5. Anonymous

    Yeah, the sizing is an issue. I got mine the day after we ordered it and the sizing ran big. I bought his size but it ended up being about half a size too big. So, I sent it back. sigh. So much for an anniversary gift he gets to wear immediately~


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