Guess what I am doing?

For weeks I have been trying to build up the strength to go through my stash and organize. My friend Christine over at Tallulah’s World has had a moth infestation and got me all freaked out ;o) In a good way, of course, it put a serious fire under my butt to get my yarn protected.

So, yesterday I started, if you didn’t notice by all the pictures of my sock stash. I decided to go one step at a time. Tracy thinks I should photo my progress for you all. That might scare you all & embarrass myself. I have more yarn than I could ever possibly use in my lifetime. If I knit only from my stash it would take me a solid 5 years to knit it all. Sweaters, blankets, socks, etc etc.

 I got through knitpicks yarns, Handpaintedyarns and all sock yarns. I used Ziploc gallon sized and Ziploc Big Bags size XL, 2ft x 1.7ft.

Sock yarn drawer top view

Sock yarn drawer from front

Handpaintedyarn in an XL bag

Knitpicks yarns in XL bag

Okay, so do you see how this is working out? Those bags will end up in the wool drawer which is above the sock yarn drawer. I still have to actually empty the wool drawer, organize, bag and catalog it. That is my goal today. We’ll see if that actually happens. Whew. Guilt abounds over here at the A household for the amount of yarn I have.

8 thoughts on “Guess what I am doing?

  1. You are a SERIOUS yarn-aholic my friend!

    I gotta say that I think it’s awesome that you have see-through drawers, though. I am so jealous (of the drawers, the yarn, and the fact you have room to store it all!)


  2. I’ve often worried about moth infestations in my yarn stash. I think maybe you have inspired me to do something. Now I need to get some ziploc bags to get started 🙂


  3. My husband commissioned my father in law to build that cabinet for a filmmaker we have done work for to display his movies. Yeah, it came out so shitty that it’s now holding my yarn, unfinished in my garage. I made out on that deal for sure! Although it’s only been 2 years and the top drawer is completely off the sliders now. Not due to the weight either, just crappy construction.


  4. Oh no, not superior by any means. Addicted is more the word. My brain gets all blalalalala when it sees the yarn mess I have accumulated!


  5. I just ordered the perfect bags (that I can’t seem to find anywhere in this town) 2.5 gallon Hefty One Zip bags. Most amounts of yarn won’t fit well in the gallon size I found.


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