What can I say, I got tired of it.

How much stockinette stitch can one person take before they need a break? Well I will tell you, 13″ on size 6 needles. Last night I took it upon myself, after hours of knitting stockinette, to take a break from the cashmere vest and swatch (or start, depending on how you look at it) the maroon cashmere, from Colourmart of course,  for the Karabella Yarns Spiral Hexagon Shawl. I have been wanting to crochet that shawl for well over a year and didn’t seem to have the right yarn. Well, duh! It was sitting there in the drawer calling out to me, but until last night the pattern & yarn didn’t meet in my brain.

So here is the six inch hexagon (there needs to be 15 to make the shawl) washed, dryed and blocked.

It took me about an hour and a half to make. Not bad. And 15 isn’t too overwhelming of a number so I do believe I will make one whenever the fancy strikes me.



2 thoughts on “What can I say, I got tired of it.

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, that’s a really cool crochet pattern. I can’t wait to see what it looks like. I might have to borrow the pattern from you eventually.


  2. Anonymous

    I really really like it. especially in that yarn. and what size hook did you use? D? Yes, that is definitely on the upcoming projects list.


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