The magic of free books

Last Sunday was Mel Clark’s visit & book signing at Knit & Pearl.

Unfortunately for me, I left my book, and hooded scarf from the book, in the car that my husband drove the kids home in after church. Alas, I had no book for her to sign.

We met and talked a bit about the patterns in the book, what we like to knit, altering patterns to our liking and so on and so forth. After a while of being there and chattin’ it up Mel approached me with a book she had signed just for me, a gift from one teacher to another, she said! Knowing that I had a book already but didn’t have it there she took it upon herself to give me a signed copy anyways. I was so pleased!!

And Congratulations to Julie for having such a big turnout! I was so touched by all of the people that came to the signing and hung out for a bit. Now if we could get more knit authors to come that would rock!

One thought on “The magic of free books

  1. It was so nice to meet Mel Clark! My only regret is that I wasn’t familiar with the book already so I had more to talk with her about.

    It’s my first “official” knitting book and there are a ton of projects that I want to make from it!

    Thanks for giving us all the heads up Chauntel!


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