Anemoi mittens, my new love

Oh how I love it when you find a pattern that sucks you right in. You print the pattern, you hunt for the yarn in your stash, you are surprised when you find a yarn you completely forgot you had, you get out your needles, you swatch, you then cast on. And you can’t put it down, no housework gets done, everyone knows that they are on hold till the next row is done. The knitting just flows from your needles.

That my friends is the knitting of the Eunny Jang pattern Anemoi Mittens.

I know, you are thinking I am crazy for paying for a pattern when I am so cheap. I could not pass this one up! I love her construction of the thumb gusset so I knew it would be a pattern that I most likely would not have to change. When I pay for a pattern I don’t want to have to make changes to be satisfied, I will write the pattern myself if it comes to that & then my $mullah$ is wasted.

Using Patons Kroy in colors #435 Olive and #434 Honeysuckle Rose on size 2.5s to match gauge for the size small mittens here is what I have after a few hours last night

Oh how they make me happy! I really want to fly through them so I can have them to wear on the Idaho trip, we leave on the 21st, that should give me more than enough time. Honestly, I am hoping to have them done in the next couple of days. I have no other knitting projects that are time pressed. Well there is a crocheted beanie for a student teacher that needs to get done but that is mindless & just an hour or so of work time.


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