Birthday goodness

It was my birthday yesterday. I have no qualms about telling you that I turned 32.

It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine, family, church, friends, coffee & pumpkin pie as my birthday cake. Tracy & George know me so well.

George woke me up with a dozen red & white roses

Then I opened my gifts. Since I received my big birthday gift last month, my Louet s10 spinning wheel, I had just a few to start my day off. A hank of Louet Eruoflax fine weight yarn & a market bag pattern

And a gorgeous cut gold butterfly pendant (I do love those butterflies, I got that from my mom)

After church we came home, had lunch, Tracy & I did some last minute christmas shopping over at the K, came home and just sat around spinning & knitting my bday goodness

If you notice, in the picture there is another project on the chair. It’s a bamboo washcloth for myself. I am going to have myself a little experiment. I am fascinated with these yarns that are so rough and stiff to start out with and become as soft and drapey as cashmere in the end. So I will knit myself a washcloth out of the bamboo and one out of euroflax linen. Use and wash them exactly the same to see just what the difference is between the two yarns. They are constructed totally differently, one plied, one knit/cabled. And made from different fibers but it is just an experiment for my own satisfaction.

Last week I did finish one amenoi mitten. I had to set it down right before the decreases so I could finish an embroidery project for a dear friend for christmas, more to come on that at a later date. So with only an hour of knitting left to do I set it aside. I would say this  mitten took me a total of maybe 6 hours to knit. Pretty darn fast little project. Now to get the second done so I have a set to wear & use.

Can you see my 1 row mistake right there in the middle of the palm that created lines? Yeah, I didn’t notice it until I was a good 8 rows past & since they are for me & I am not exactly a perfectionist when it comes to things for myself I am just going to replicate it in the second mitten so they match. 

I do love the snug fit of the mitten and the choice of a superwash wool, Patons Kroy.

So that is all I have been up to, if it is not enough then I must be going mad!



4 thoughts on “Birthday goodness

  1. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had a good one 🙂

    Btw, I keep seeing George around town in his truck. I saw him Saturday on my way to church and then I just saw him a minute ago when I was driving up Mission on my way back to work…funny how that happens, LOL.


  2. Anonymous

    Your corrugated ribbing on those Anemoi mittens is amazing! I have been trying to figure out how to make my purl columns really recessed/inlaid but yours are more so than any others I’ve seen! If you can think of how you managed it or anything about your tension that might contribute to the effect could you possibly tell me *please*? Also, like your colour choice, the swirls of wind are much more visible than on a standard light background, darker foreground colour scheme.

    Thanks, Sarah


  3. Anonymous


    Here is how I knit the corrugated 2 color rib. I knit continental with my purl color in my dominant hand, left hand. I knit all my 2 stranded colorwork with both hands so for this rib I held the knit color in my right hand. I have a tendency to knit more tightly with my right hand and purl tightly with my left hand. I think the tightness and evenness of the stitches is what made the rib so prominent. I don’t know how much practice you have with 2 color knitting but obviously the more practice the more even your stitches! Good luck & leave your blog address if you have one so I can peruse your works.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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