Holiday knitting~ in so many ways

I really thought this long weekend would get me a sweater or some other amazing finished project. No, but it did get some Christmas presents done and out of the way. Ones I had forgotten about, procrastinated on, made to replace already knit gifts that I now think are totally too cheesy. I organized, ripped out projects I had long abandoned (and really, really needed the needles from). I got all of my roving spacebagged and put away so it wasn’t overflowing with all that extra air (come on, who needs all that air?).

I do have the front of a sweater done for George. He likes to call it Rohan, we are very LOTR dorky around this here house.

Real name: Lars from Rowan 36 using Rowanspun Bulky (from Summers, thankyouverymuch)

One of the christmas gifties is going to my niece Sydney, who is 1 1/2 years old. I decided that I loved my hooded scarf from Knit2Together so much that I would mimic the pattern for a cute, smaller, toddler version. Kids don’t do so well keeping the scarves on so this one needed a little help with a button. I used a simple row of chains down one side of the scarf as buttonholes.

Wanna see it on a kid?? Prepare yourself, he’s not a toddler anymore folks.

I think we stretched it out a bit but it’ll be fine I am sure. You get the gist of how it works now right? good.

And I went a bit meathead crazy for other nieces and nephews.

I have 2 more nieces to make & then I am done.

As far as getting my family’s hats done? Not gonna happen anytime before Christmas. I will do my damndest to get George’s done so he can have it for skiing. This is where it was at as of last Wednesday,

it’s about 15 rows further along now.

I also started my sock from’s November sock of the month. I actually cast on right away this month. I haven’t knit any other month yet and I signed up last May or something. None really struck my fancy. But this pair I hope to have done soon.

Size 0 needles, silk/wool sock yarn, leaf and rib pattern

Tomorrow night is my final sock class. We get to do toes, fantastic! It’s been a learning experience but I must say I feel like I did an alright teaching job. Kinda surprised myself on that one. Well, that is about it for now. Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend & got TONS of fibery goodness done!


4 thoughts on “Holiday knitting~ in so many ways

  1. Oh lady, look at you all CRAZY GO NUTS with the knitting. I think i got like 3 rows done on my baby blanket. You are wonder woman. Maybe one day I can borrow your cape!


  2. Seriously, you ARE wonder woman with the needles!

    I’m so looking forward to getting plenty done at knit group tonight. I gotta sit by you so I can get some speedy vibes, haha!


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