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And there is a lot to it. I have been a busy little project bee. I find myself rather discontented with what sweaters are on the needles right now so I have been flitting from project to project without accomplishing anything. I needed a quick fix. As I opened up my Knit 2 Together book I realized I have a trip coming up to a very cold region of the US. Living in Santa Barbara I have very rare occasions when I need warm items; scarves, gloves, mittens. So I don’t knit them for myself so much. But then I laid eyes on the hooded scarf. Perfect! And I have more than enough lamb’s pride worsted in Kiwi to make the hooded scarf and a set of mittens for the trip. So I cast on on Saturday not expecting to get too far considering it was 2×2 rib. But by the time I went to bed I had the scarf almost finished. Sunday after church I hurried to pick it up and finish. By 4pm I had it totally completed~ voila!

Here is a side view of where I had to sew the hood down to the scarf. It’s not an even sew down. You want to gather the hood just a tad when you sew it down to the scarf so it will give it a bit of a round shape to fit around your head nicely.

Here you can see it laid out flat to get a better idea of the construction of the hood and scarf. I love it!

I even got one mitten completed last night. Nothing fancy schmancy. I just wanted mittens to match.

I made the cuff extra long so it will stay in my jacket sleeve.

I also felted the brown flowered pouch that I knit ages ago. I will need to trip the top edge to it is perfectly straight before I sew a zipper in.

And, Saturday night when Tracy and I opened to front door to walk her to her car there was a package sitting there. Ripped it open and what came out?

Tube socks!

How brilliant is this kit?? It’s just too much fun for words.

And I joined the Meathead Hat knitalong that I found over at Stitch Marker

I still need to embellish the hats, sew in ends, etc. but here is what I have done so far.

From left to right, top to bottom: pink Lamb’s Pride Bulky- one skein, magenta HPY bulky wool- one ball, brown multi Lopi- 2 balls, green Eco-Wool- scraps from my lacey hooded sweater

So as you can see I have been knitting plenty, it’s just not a finished sweater ;o)

2 thoughts on “Now for the knitting post

  1. I love your hooded scarf. Another reason I need to get ahold of a copy of that book. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your Meatheads!


  2. okay, i know i said i wasn’t quite in love with that book, but i am definitely in love with that hat and scarf. it looks so cool! i like the idea of doing it out of a lighterweight yarn… woolease maybe? turquoise? :))


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