For once, not a knitting post

I have been meaning to do this for a while now. First I will confess, I have adult acne. Proactiv and all those other snazzy programs do not work. So I have been on the hunt for the past year (longer really) for a foundation/makeup that will cover the acne that won’t go away.

This is a photo procession to show that I have found a solution (to at least cover it up since there is nothing that actually makes it go away I have decided).

Voila, Bare Escentuals arrived on the radar. Fine, I said, Fine. I will spend the frickin’ hundred dollars for the kit and hope beyond all hope that it works.

Now listen, I am putting myself out there with this one. You will be scared of the pizza face but hopefully you can take this information and pass it on to anyone in your life that is afflicted with adult acne. It sucks, by the way.

First, my face washed without any makeup on.

Second, just the foundation applied:

Third (and final so you all don’t have to see this mug anymore ;o)), all makeup applied:

Pretty miraculous huh? I think so. So I thought I would share. I know the photos are a bit large but I wanted to really make it obvious the greatness of this makeup. So there you have it.


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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been toying with trying Bare Escentuals, but the cost is a bit much for me at the moment. Did you use all BE products (including liner, mascara, etc)? It looks great!

    Also, I know you probably are sick of trying new products, but I splurged on skincare from Kara Vita (after trying samples) before my wedding and my acne nearly completely cleared up. I’ve heard some people who didn’t have success with Proactiv really liked KV stuff. Anyway, let me know if you’re interested and I can see if I can hook you up with some samples to try out.


  2. Anonymous

    Aveda has some called Dual Foundation (can be applied wet or dry like a pressed powder. Use it dry and with a brush like with Bare Escentuals (or however it’s spelled) and it works just as well. Actually cheaper too if you can believe it considering it’s Aveda. I switched from BE to Aveda due to cost and I love it just as much.

    I also have adult acne. It got SO much worse when I was pregnant with Devon, and after trying all the acne stuff out there and none of it working (and most of it making it worse) I decided to hell with it and got myself something that was at least gentle. I tried Aveno and within 24 hrs all my acne was gone. After Devon was born, it stopped working for me and I switched to Purpose. Works like a charm. They make a 30SPF redness ruducing lotion that I completely adore. It’s make my scars fade so much and I love the high SPF. Also, I’ve been using the same bar of Purpose since Devon was born (that’s two years folks and I haven’t finished it yet. And it was about $5 or something. The lotion I go through much faster but it’s still really reasonably priced!

    Turns out I have really sensitive skin and the acne stuff was making my skin worse. Maybe worth a try if you haven’t tried doing something like that?


  3. Anonymous

    My sister likes kara vita, I have never tried it and would be willing to try it but knowing my skin a sample size isn’t going to cut it. I need weeks to see a difference. But I am willing to give it a try! Thanks for the info.


  4. Anonymous

    Okay Rachel. I have been wondering if it is just that my skin is too sensitive nowadays for the Proactiv. It worked so fabulously when I first used it and now, no good at all. I have used the Neutrogena acne kit, the Purpose I have tried also but only the kit that Costco carries, never the individual products. It might be worth a try if it works on your sensitive skin as well. Like I say, I am willing to try anything at this point.

    I do love the BE makeup and for once I am willing to pay for the satisfaction I am getting out of it. And with Sephora just opening up I can actually touch & feel the products before buying it & hating it. ;o)


  5. Anonymous

    I’m a big fan of another mineral based foundation: larenim
    Their website is and they sell little sample sizes. I found that it goes on better than the other mineral foundations I’ve tried. I also have bad skin (worse than what you show in the photo here) and have used larenim foundation for almost as long as you’ve known me.
    However, they don’t sell mascara or lipcolor of any sort since they can’t be done in a powder form.


  6. Anonymous

    The samples last about a week, and it does start to work at that point. I used it for about 4-5 months before the wedding and totally fell in love with it. It got rid of my acne and I got so many compliments on my skin. (Unfortunately I’ve since had to switch to cheap stuff since, but I think I might get more for Christmas).


  7. Anonymous

    I think you’re beautiful, with or without the makeup – but the make-up does look pretty. Very subtle.

    On a side note, I have acne too. I swear by Bliss of New York’s “3 in 1 Fabulous Foaming Face Wash” for helping keep it under control, or at least to a minimum. When I run out, people notice. I love the stuff.

    However, it is scented. The scent reminds me of granny smith apples, and I love the way it smells — but some people are put off by scented face products, or the perfume irritates their skin, so it needs to be said. They have another facial cleanser in the line that’s not scented, but it’s a milk cleanser. I don’t like those as much. I like to have suds in my wash, and I love the “Fabulous Foaming Face Wash” so I haven’t given the other a try – but it may be a better alternative for folks who are sensitive to perfumes.


  8. Anonymous

    I love BE the only issue my skin has with it is. that it become dependent on it. 😦 i have been breaking out like crazy the last few months and i couldn’t figure out why. then i remember i went to Origins foundation cause it was a bit cheeper. Now that I have BE back my skin is way better… So hopefully the minerals in it will help your skin too…


  9. Anonymous

    I have the same problem and I’ve also started using Bare Essentials…its awesome! I love it and I feel like not only does it cover the problems, it doesn’t exacerbate them which is amazing in itself! Yay Bare Essentials!


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