Well this is no real surprise is it?

Chauntel Andreasen

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7 thoughts on “Well this is no real surprise is it?

  1. Anonymous

    It may make you feel better to know that a girl I played basketball with in high school has you first name and I don’t think it was very rare growing up in D.C..
    You might be the first caucasian I’ve ever met with the name though so it’s still an interesting name.
    My parents thought they were being original and unique because they didn’t watch t.v. when I was born. Instead, there has been another Erin in every class I’ve been in. The Waltons was on in 1974 and one of the daughters was named Erin.
    It’s one of the best arguments I’ve heard for watching t.v..


  2. Anonymous

    As a follow up there are 87 people in this country that have both my first and last names. One of them even lived on the same street as I did in Chicago.

    It led to a weird phone call from a reporter once.


  3. Anonymous

    Ummm… I don’t think that’s right.

    There’s at least ONE that I know of.


    And 115 with my name!!!

    I just thought of something…. we could use this as a fun new baby naming tool!


  4. Anonymous

    My very original first name is actually a lot more popular here in the states than I had imagined. Thanks for the fun time waster!


  5. Anonymous

    272 Rachel McDonald’s but only 27 people with my maiden name (Rachel Lockwood). Interesting. Kinda thought there would be more than that!


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