Averting disaster

SO I sat down last night to finish spinning up the last of Tracy’s Maple Sugar roving. After about 10 minutes of spinning the drive band finally gave way and snapped off the wheel. sigh. Sadly I thought I was going to have to drive to Solvang Village Spinning & Weaving frantically first thing this morning to purchase a new one. Then, as I am talking to Tracy on the phone and playing with the broken band, I realize that I can just heat it and melt it back together. I wasn’t sure I could get it hot enough so I used my hottest burner on my gas stove to heat both ends, remove from heat for a second, heat again, remove, heat again until the whole of the end was molten plastic ready to be smushed together. IT WORKED! Here are the ugly but very, very useable results.

Man was it hard to get a picture of this at night inside. But it is the best my retarded camera can do. I let it sit for about 15 minutes to really set after I got it back on the wheel while I came out to the computer to order myself a new band. And behold, I found a whole new site that I had never shopped from. The Simpson & Co. store, www.cyberfyber.com.  Not only did they have a band for a great price, they sent it with free shipping and no other handling charges. I got it for the stated price! Such great service! Now, if I had ordered another item as well I would have had to pay shipping but how nice is it to not have to worry about some outrageous shipping fee for a small, lighweight item that should only cost 78cents to send anyways. And they have fiber. Good prices on good fiber. And they have Euroflax in all weights and colors available on cones. It was a good find of a store!

So now the last 2 hanks of the Maple Sugar yarn are drying, I will take them to Tracy tonight before my class starts at Knit & Pearl. I am teaching them the heel tonight. Flap, gusset & decreases.

George was supposed to fly home last night but his flight from Reno to SF was delayed due to weather so he was going to miss his flight from SF to SB. He decided to stay the night with his sister and catch the first flight out this morning. He will be home in just 2 hours! Yay! I like my husband. a lot.

Oh & I ripped out the VK Lacy Top out of the Noro Cash Iroha. I couldn’t get the shaping right having my gauge so far off. Then it dawned on me, why don’t you just write your own pattern for it using all the little details you love about the top? dumbass. So that is what I shall do. Maybe not today but soon.


5 thoughts on “Averting disaster

  1. Anonymous

    Talk about resourceful!

    I checked out that website and the Euroflax looks awesome, though a bit pricey (this coming from the woman who was price-checking Caron Simply Soft this morning! haha!)


  2. Anonymous

    You are so smart!!!

    And I am so happy that you and George have each other. You are both so wonderful and it’s nice to she the two of you happy together. I love hearing you both talk about the other, so lovingly and sweet, it warms my heart everytime.



  3. Anonymous

    I paid a FORTUNE for my driveband online.. turns out I should have stuck with the old one too. This one is crystal purple.. but is entirely too tight. It was one of those pre-measured ones and I’m thinking I need to switch back.


  4. Anonymous

    For future reference Ashford sells a small block of wood to do this more neatly. It’s just a small piece with a channel the width of a drive band that you can slip the heated ends into to make a more clean join. I suspect your hubby could make you one though and they are very useful.


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