Friends are Fun

Seeing as how George was out of town for the weekend and I get very lonely, I decided to have Tracy & Summers over for a casual dinner/knitting/spinning/talking/yarn buying afternoon & evening on Saturday. It was so nice to “entertain”. Even the kids did alright. No major incidents. Poor Summers isn’t used to the loudness of children so it was funny to all of a sudden “hear” the noise in my house that I have become deaf to.

Summers brought over all of her Lizard Ridge squares & we had fun laying them all out in different color patterns so that she had a plan to sew them together. Our plan was to work on sewing them together but that just didn’t happen this week. Maybe another day planned? Tracy’s hostessing next time around! wink wink

Summers brought over a bunch of yarn from her stash that she decided she did not need to have anymore. Tracy & I purchased some of it from her (and I know she has more at home that I MUST HAVE, hint hint). Much lovely HPY yarn, Noro, Rowan, Lorna’s Laces (which Tracy took). Just fantastic yarn! Here is what I took:

Notice how most of it is HPY? Yeah, no surprise there. There are 8 balls of Noro Cash Iroha. I cast on promptly for the Lacy Top out of VK.

The gauge is nowhere close so I just cast on less (makes it a faster knit anyways) and will adjust the pattern shaping throughout so that I get the fit that I want. This is one that I can’t wait to have & will wear all the time. Fantastic isn’t it??

I spent most of Saturday spinning more of the Maple Sugar roving for Tracy. In total there are 450 yards now done. I think that is what I will work on today when I get the chance.  

And I got one hank (with 9 more on the way) of Rowanspun Chunky in a gorgeous green colorway.

I am really hoping it will be enough for another Starsky. I need to do a gauge swatch to see if I can get it to match. If it doesn’t it will become a sweater for George. Nice huh? Maybe this one will actually fit him.


What is it that I can’t make a sweater to fit this man? I take measurements, I design a pattern, it does not fit. He is not abnormally shaped, just very muscular with a long torso. I can do the same thing for just about anyone else and have it fit, but oh no. Not him. This cycle has to stop! He has 5 sweaters that don’t fit him. 1 that does. That is sad. just plain sad. Half from patterns, half my design (usually in the round). I must have success soon with him or I may just give up completely.

Knitting goals for this week:

-Finish back of the Rebecca cabled sweater

-Finish back of the VK Lacy Top

Spinning goals:

-Spin the rest of the Maple Sugar roving

Tada! Look how short my lists are! Gotta love easy goals!



2 thoughts on “Friends are Fun

  1. Ooooooohhh, I LOVE that bulky/chunky lavendar-colored yarn. I’m gonna say it’s wool (even if it isn’t) so I don’t feel bad about not having some.



  2. That purple top is the WHOLE reason i wasn’t uber mad i got VK. I want it.. in red, or green, or maybe yellow.. ihaven’t knit with yellow lately….oooh maybe blue, then it could be my knit for blue project….


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