computer woes

I haven’t posted or been commenting much on your blogs because I have been fighting with many retarded programs on my computer.  So, I spent the last 2 days fixing things. They are not totally fixed but well enough that I can return to cyberspace.

Knitting tonight at the Java Station will be fun, as usual. I am taking my spinning wheel tonight, hopefully Molly’s husband will join us to spin on his new Lendrum too.

My sock class at Knit & Pearl finished this last Tuesday and the ladies did a wonderful job on their first sock. I must say it turned out to be a great class to teach and I am so glad that I did it. Too bad one sock got eaten by a dog, it really happened, the dog ate her homework. But she did a good job saving the sock even though she had to buy new dpn’s to finish.

I will be teaching a beginning sweater class starting in January, that one will be a hoot I am sure!

The Shedir hat is moving right along for George. His is the only one I will get done for our Christmas trip. I am using knitpicks Telemark yarn and I do believe I love that yarn. It’s smooth and a nice wool to work with. It doesn’t feel like it is going to pill like the Merino Style or Wool of the Andes.

I have a good friend who’s daughter is getting married in January and she needs a matching stocking to hang for her future son in law. I am going to help her out by embroidering his name on a stocking that she bought that matches the rest of the kids stockings. I will post some pics of the progress once I get it started. Which will be my entire morning tomorrow so they can actually have it to decorate with.

Okay, I am off to get my wheel in the car and ready to go!



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  1. Anonymous

    Darn computers!

    Knit group was super-fun last night (and I actually got a decent amount of work done, ha!)

    See you tonight 🙂


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