oh so quiet

 I am quiet. Not all the time, as most of you know first hand. But the last few days I have been loving quiet. The weekend was spent quietly (as much as that is possible with 3 kids). I spun, made myself a couple of niddy noddy’s out of pvc, went to the farmer’s market, basically just had quiet time. Here are the 5 hanks that I spun over the weekend.

I should have laid them out in order of spinning but too late now.  I overspun all but the two red yarns. That is something that I will have to be sure to pay attention to that for sure from now on. I get why it happens with the settings on the wheel I just have to get used to drafting at the correct speed with my treadling. Practice makes perfect! My next goal is to spin a good laceweight to ply.

I haven’t been doing much knitting, just flitting around from project to project with no real direction. But my daughter has outgrown all hand knit items I have made her so I cast on for a sweater for her this afternoon. Simple, in the round EZ style that will be hooded. I have a cone of a worsted weight boucle blend yarn, light sage and white, that will be very cute on her.

I have a small list of items that are *must knits*. I am going to list them below in the order in which they must be accomplished.

-sock for sock class

-Sadie’s sweater

-Family hats (Shedir pattern using Telemark yarn)

– Cream cabled sweater from Rebecca #32 for our Christmas vacation to good ole’ Idaho in the snow

-George’s ski sweater for our Christmas vacation so he can actually ski in it. The Jefferson is the name of that one. You know, the one I started well over 6 months ago & set aside to finish right about now. Better get on that one.

Now, my brother in law just got laid off this week. I am extremely tempted to take it upon myself to go knit crazy and make them all gifts for Christmas even though they are not our family to give to this year. On the other hand, I feel that is not a realistic idea given there is only 6 weeks left until we leave for their house. 4 kids, 4 gifts, not much time. I could always do the stock hat but that is a downer if you ask me & they have plenty of hats from me. That is one I have to think on for a bit.

So that is the knitting schedule for the next 2 months. Fun, huh? Yeah, I thought so.


7 thoughts on “oh so quiet

  1. Anonymous

    I totally hear you on craving quiet. I haven’t been as active “in real life” or even on message boards (gasp!) lately and have been craving one-on-one time with people, or downtime just to myself – a bit melancholy I suppose. Maybe it’s the changing weather? The ‘quiet before the storm’ of the Holiday season? Who knows…

    I think I better just make a blogpost of my own before I take up too much more space, haha!


  2. Anonymous

    Your yarn looks awesome! I plied all of my first yarns, and that took care of most of the ‘overspun’- ness of them. Some of that will come out in the soak and hang too.. they look excellent as is though.


  3. Anonymous

    It looks like you’re really getting the hang of your wheel. Remember you can always ply the overspun yarn to balance some of the twist out. Or you can just let it relax as you knit with it.
    And as nice a thought as it is, I vote no on knitting additional sweaters in time for the holidays. You would be approaching an insane “to do” list that would take all of the fun out of knitting even if you managed to finish it all.


  4. Anonymous

    Mouse, Thanks so much for the compliment!

    It has already been washed & hung to dry with weight. A lot of the overspun came out so I am happy with that. I have plied plenty of my spindle spun yarns before but I really wanted the yardage of these yarns with the single spun. I will just be sure to knit patterns that can handle a bit of a twist to the yarn. Crochet might be best for that.


  5. Anonymous

    The only reason I didn’t ply them is because I am selfish on quantity of yardage with these first hanks. And yeah, as soon as I typed out knitting sweaters for all the realistic side of me voted that option completely out!


  6. Anonymous

    Ohh that yarn is so pretty!!

    Hey I am the one that did the Candle Flame for the International Scarf Exchange and the cat is out of the bag I sent everyone to the link on your page. Here are some pictures she took, I love the pattern now I need to make one for me!



  7. Anonymous

    The scarf turned out beautifully! I am so glad it was such a hit with the recipient. I wore one out trick or treating with the kids last night and it was so warm and soft I loved it!


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