The wheel….goes round

I wouldn’t exactly call it yarn. I might call it sheepwool becomes lumpy art. or lumpy crap. Either way, I got the wheel all spinnin’ round.

First up is a full bobbin of Emerald Garden roving from Copper Moose on Ebay. I bought this over 2 years ago when I learned to use my drop spindle so I am not sure how much I bought but when I held up the ball of roving next to an 8 oz ball  that I hadn’t touched yet it looked like the same size.

Now, what you don’t see is the first layer of yarn on the bobbin that looks nothing like this here finishing layer. Bad, lumpy, scary, yarn. I got the rhythm down, tension adjusted, predrafted the roving just right and voila!

Then I started some merino that Karen sent me. There has to be at least 6 oz there to spin. It’s so soft and the fiber staple is so different than the corriedale green that I had just finished that it took me a little while to readjust the tension. I flipped the bobbin around so it would spin faster and get a more thin yarn. I am happy that I am actually understanding the mechanics of how the wheel works and how to adjust things so it does what I want it to do.

It is still coming out as a worsted weight single but I am not having much breakage during spinning.

Let’s see what else? Oh yeah! I finished the green lacey hoodie from Rebecca 32 on MONDAY. Woops. I forgot to post about that, sorry.

Most of you saw it at knitting on Thursday night but I gave it a bath yesterday and now she’s dry.

I kinda liked how it faded out to dark on the bottom, if you got a problem with that, too bad ;o)
(the bottom is just straight with no shaping anyways)

I love how the hood is constructed on this sweater, brilliant shaping. They used decreasing and then short rows to get the top to turn, much like a heel of a sock. I will be using this method of construction on hoods in the future I am sure. If you really want to read how it’s done you can buy the Rebecca 32 magazine, it’s well worth the $17. And you can use your 40% off coupon at Craft Essentials here in SB to buy it too! yippee for that!

Now I am working on the sock for my sock class I will be teaching (go sign up at Knit & Pearl people). And spinning. I am going to run out of fiber here in the next week so I better get buyin’!! Not too sure how much George is going to like the expense of my bday gift but oh well!


9 thoughts on “The wheel….goes round

  1. Anonymous

    I just got some roving from Copper Moose and its just lovely. I’m so looking forward to spinning it – and thinking of something to know with it!


  2. Anonymous

    I think your spinning looks lovely! That’s one thing I love about the Louet is that you can basically sit down and spin right away without fussing..

    The green sweater is BEAUTIFUL!!!


  3. Anonymous

    Very cool! I love the colors and texture.

    Were you wearing the hoodie? I don’t think I heard you mention it, but it looked good!


  4. Anonymous

    It looks like you’re getting the hang of your wheel quickly. You’ll find that every fiber is a bit different and takes some adjustment. Just wait until you try angora, cashmere or cotton. I still feel like a beginner with cashmere.


  5. Anonymous

    I love the green lacy hoodie! I think I’ve got that issue of Rebecca. I’ll have to check it out!

    The spinning is gorgeous too!


  6. Anonymous

    Thanks on the sweater! I do love how it turned out. So far every pattern from a Rebecca magazine I have knit has turned out better than I expected. That pleases me much!


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