ooooooh Mama! It’s here, it’s here!

That box contained this:

Those are all the bits & pieces that make this:

Behold the loveliness (haha, gotta love the anti-flash look on the half-assed assembled wheel just so I can get a shot of it in my house before leaving for knitting tonight ;o)) of my Louet s10 in my living room.

Once it’s all screwed together & bolts tightened I promise to get a picture of it in it’s permanent spot in my living room.

Onto other things.  I will be teaching classes at Knit & Pearl. First a sock class starting early November (go sign up for it now), then a finishing techniques class in December and a beginners sweater class starting in January. I got the yarn from Julie today for the sweater class (and the pattern book we’ll be using). Gorgeous, gorgeous Manos Del Uruguay cotton yarn. Yummm….

And I got some yummy, yummy merino laceweight (950 yards each, yeehaw) in verde esperanza from HPY.

The reeling machine & ball winder will get a workout tomorrow morning! Fan-doodley-astic!


6 thoughts on “ooooooh Mama! It’s here, it’s here!

  1. Anonymous

    I can’t believe it is already here!!! Oh man, I am so excited. Wish I were sitting in your living room watching you spin. Would you, one day soon, let me try it? Not because I want to do spinning, nosireee, but just to try it. šŸ™‚
    Love the yarn for the class. I can’t wait to get started on the fingerless mittens. šŸ™‚


  2. Anonymous

    It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I *love* that style of wheel (aesthetically speaking, I mean; I’ve never tried one out… ~hint hint~) so I am super-jealous! In a good way. šŸ™‚
    I’m so glad you have a wheel at last! You’ve been waiting such a long time!


  3. Anonymous

    its gorgeous!! how exciting that your going to make your very own yarn – imagine the possibilities!!

    p.s. i’m sure you’ve thought about this already, but i wonder if you should blur out your address or something – i’m probably just paranoid, but there are weirdo’s out there….just a thought.


  4. Anonymous

    How exciting.. if you want to know anything about the S-10 just let me know.. I love mine.

    I second the idea of blurring the address or just using MS Paint or something and ‘erasing’ it out of the photo.


  5. Anonymous

    That’s so awesome! I may have to try spinning at some point, although I doubt I’d do it for long since it’s easiest to spin wool.

    PS: I keep hearing about bloglines…can you email me and let me know what it is exactly and how it works? TIA!


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