Just some stuff to keep me busy

This weekends knitting (which there really hasn’t been much of) has been just to keep my hands busy.

First I decided to do holiday hats for us. I chose the Shedir pattern from knitty because it’s a great charted cable pattern that is easily altered for each head size in my family.

And I am using Knitpicks new yarn, Telemark in the colors below:

George’s is the first to be worked on in the Grey Wolf color. I do love the pattern.

And next is a hat that I whipped out (crocheted) for Sadie using one of Red Hearts new variagated yarns. For $.79 worth of yarn and one hour it’s not a bad lookin hat!

It didn’t pool! I don’t care if it does the whole spiral/twisty thing as long as it does not pool!

Since you don’t really get a good ribbing in crochet I decided to do a horizontal edging. Simple but just a little something on that last inch. So I just single crocheted through the back loop for the last 4 rounds. Simple.

The patons sws sweater that I am designing has seen some work also. This is how it looked on Saturday morning:

And here it is as of last night:

Stitches are all picked up around the deep V for the collar. All that is left are to knit the sleeves after finishing the collar, then a tad bit of finishing work. Finalize the pattern, have someone test knit it for me & I am good to go!

Um…other than that I have sat on my butt. oh, the pumpkin patch last night with the kids, church this morning and shopping with tracy yesterday. Okay, then I sat on my butt!



5 thoughts on “Just some stuff to keep me busy

  1. Anonymous

    The SWS sweater is turning out just like we pictured. I am saving that one to work on. 🙂 and holiday hats just makes me think of big elf hats with bells on them… glad you aren’t into that. 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    I love the holiday hat & colors you have planned. Sadie’s hat is NICE! I love love love that you use Red Heart! I think it’s awesome that you are such a down to earth knitter, no snobbery for you! The colors and spiralness (is that a word?) look great! I’ll be looking forward to the finished sweater too.


  3. Anonymous

    By the way, is knit picks a good yarn site? I’m looking into inexpensive, but decent-quality yarns and someone mentioned them, but I’ve never heard of them till this post and that recommendation. Do you ever buy yarn from ebay? I’ve heard some people do that, but I’ve never tried it.


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