In Memory of Denise Anderson


Denise was a Mother, Wife, Friend, Second-mom to me, The MOST addicted crafter I have ever met.

Tracy, you were blessed with the most amazing mother. You had a friendship and bond with her that not many daughters have. She loved you with that beautiful unconditional love that only mothers can have for their daughters. I promised her I would take care of you, step in as a mother when needed (which is not very often since she did such a good job as your mother & besides that, I could NEVER compare) and be your sister.

I loved Denise even when she gave me a hard time about my hair, my clothes, my tattoos. She gave me strength in being a mom. She will always be a role model to me as a mother to my kids. Through Tracy my kids will always have Denise as an influence in their lives.

Go with God Denise, watch over us and love us for all eternity.


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  1. Anonymous

    Chauntel- Could you email me Tracy’s email address? I only have sbknitters saved since it was always easy to reach you all before I moved but it doesn’t seem quite right to email condolences to the list. Thanks!


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