so far I am sticking to the list

Here is Sadie’s sweater. Body is ready to have arms joined and one sleeve is 2/3 done. All accomplished in the last 20 hours. Sweet!

Cone knitting makes me happy! Gauge is 16sts/ 4 inches. It’s a quick knit but only because of the ease of the yarn. Why some yarns knit more quickly than others I cannot say but this is a quick one. That makes me HAPPY!

I will stick to my list. Next up, finish the sock for the sock class. That is a one night finish, easy as pie. I am really excited about working on my sweater but I must have patience. patience is not one of my virtues, hence my spinning wheel as a ‘birthday present’ when my birthday is not for another 6 weeks. I so know how to cheat!

2 thoughts on “so far I am sticking to the list

  1. Anonymous

    Seeing all these great sweaters is giving me the knitting bug! I may have to try picking up my needles again…

    Do you know of a good, simple pattern for a novice knitter?


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