top 5 fave tv shows

Thuy’s post about Shelly from Northern Exposure has inspired me to share a little insight into my overly tv-addicted life.

1- X-Files

2- Deadwood

3- General Hospital (so housewife-y of me isn’t it?)

4- Northern Exposure

5- Arrested Development

There are some others that I do love but just don’t make it into the all time I-can-watch-them-over-and-over-again category so here they are.

6- Law & Order any & all of them

7- CSI any & all of them

8- Project Runway it’s a very seasonal, trendy watching experience for me

9- 24

10-  I just sat here for a couple of minutes and nothing popped into my head. There are plenty of shows I do & have watched but I guess they are fleeting to me.

I do love TV.


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