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I am going to expand on what Laura had to say on comments yesterday. You can read her post here.

From Laura’s blog I followed a link to a UKnitters blogring site. Of course I got completely sucked in! What I noticed is that the UKnitters are all commenting. I mean, COMMENTING. Some posts have just over a dozen comments, others have in the 20-30 range. Almost every blog on the ring! Well, as far as I went before deciding to post here.

I just wonder why we Americans are lurkers. Is it a dirty little secret that we blog? Is it a dirty little secret that we like to be nosy and read about other people’s lives that connect with ours through knitting? I thought the whole purpose of blogging was to have contact out here in big ol’ bad cyberspace. Well I for one have taken to commenting frequently on others’ blogs in hopes that it will be reciprocated.

Comments don’t have to be fancy & perfect. Just a ‘hi, nice half assed sock’ would be nice. I think one of the killers for comments is bloglines, newsgator, rss subscription feeds in general. We all read the digest of posts & move on with our day. We, as users of these wonderful internet inventions, miss the gritty detail of the posts. The background color, the sometimes garrish buttons & links on the side, the little details that make a blog a blog. Especially knitting blogs.

I say we rise up & become more like our UKnitters friends & make ourselves be heard!

Who’s with me??




8 thoughts on “Expanding comments

  1. Anonymous

    Hey there! I’ll comment!

    I actually just found your blog while searching for a SB-based knitting/crochet group. You’ve got some great projects! (cool socks!) I am a crocheter myself, but I’d love to learn to knit someday as well.

    Do you know of any groups that meet in SB? I may start one if there isn’t one!!


  2. Anonymous

    I’m in the UK Knitters webring but I don’t get that many comments. But that is because I am guilty of being a lurker myself. I tend to think that if lots of people have already said “Hey, nice part of a sock!” then I don’t need to say it too. But I am trying to do better, I promise.
    See… I commented here, didn’t I? 🙂


  3. Anonymous

    I didn’t even know you were a lurker Hazel! Thanks for outing yourself! I hit a group of knit bloggers on the uknitters ring that must be amazingly popular & prolific then! I totally hear you on not wanting to leave a comment when so many others have been left. I will admit to a loose rule I have of not leaving a comment if there are 20+ comments that are all the same. Then again, if I had a post that got more than 20 comments I would be on pins & needles waiting for more to come in.

    Alas, the quandry of comments.


  4. Anonymous

    I’m down with commenting. And for the record, I really don’t think Chauntel knits “half assed socks”.



  5. Anonymous

    You may be right about the bloglines thing. I subscribe to about 150 blogs, and it’s hard to comment on them all. I read on someone’s post last week that they subscribe to 700! I could never handle that. Anyway, it is about community and making connections with other people, that can’t be done without communitcation. So rise up and comment!


  6. Anonymous

    *waves* I wandered on over here from the comment you left on my blog. I tend to lurk on blogs with higher comment levels because I feel like I’m repeating 150 other people..

    I read a LOT of blogs and I am trying to comment more. It gets to the point where blogging becomes a lot of “work” though.. reading, writing your own posts, responding to comments ( I do it via email), that sometimes my commenting gets left in the dust.


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