I won a spinning wheel on ebay. Not just any wheel, a Louet s10 straight from the Netherlands where they are manufactured. So happy! It will be 2-4 weeks before it gets here but until then I will be hoarding fiber and rearranging my living room so it has a perfect little spot to come home to.

Isn’t it loverly? I love the finish. Nice and clean. The color looks like it will fit nicely in my living room and for some reason that is important to me.

It’s actually my birthday gift (Dec 17) but I have been outbid so many times on these wheels I was not going to miss out just because I would get it early. Plus, if you know me, it was really just an excuse to get it as soon as possible! I am a cheater & I know it.



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  1. Anonymous

    I have a Louet s-10 as well.. and I love mine. I think its a very easy wheel to learn on because you aren’t being forced to adjust a million things and can just learn to spin without interruption. The only problem I’ve found with the Louet is that the bobbins are super expensive ($30.00 US) and they are HUGE so you feel like you’re spinning forever to fill a bobbin.


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